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Save the Data: How To Put CTV Data To Work

Save the Data: How To Put CTV Data To Work

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More than ever, staying ahead of the competition in marketing means optimizing your strategies. One way to continuously improve is by effectively using marketing data to make the most of budgets, time, and other resources. 

While we’ve had detailed insights from certain marketing platforms before, we haven’t been able to derive insights from every channel. Television advertising, for example, didn’t have clear metrics available to advertisers — at least until Connected TV (CTV) came into the mix. CTV merges the wide reach of traditional TV advertising with the advantages of digital targeting and analytics. 

Severin Nesselhauf, the Director of Marketing Strategy at MNTN, recently joined CommerceNext to discuss the importance of effectively putting your digital marketing data to work. Let’s take a look at the highlights of their conversation: 

The Importance of CTV Data

For many reasons, CTV has risen in popularity with brands and consumers in recent years. Between the growing audience and the opportunity to air ads alongside new streaming content, advertisers are shifting their budgets to make room for CTV spots. 

While all marketing data is important, CTV data is especially crucial, giving us insights we’ve never been able to access before. Today, TV is a fully targetable, measurable performance marketing platform, a concept that was unfathomable not long ago. 

With the right platform, CTV can offer advertisers detailed insights, which can optimize strategies and improve results across channels. If you’ve been here for a while, you know we’ve been talking about data-driven CTV stories for a while — and that’s because we know how truly powerful these insights can be when marketing teams put them to work. 

Measuring Success on CTV

Measuring success on CTV is essential; the insights you can get on this channel can help optimize your overall performance marketing strategy. CTV’s targeting and measurement capabilities make it easier than ever to do this, especially when approached with a performance marketing mindset. 

Effective Reporting 

To make the most of CTV reporting, you’ll need to be able to access the marketing metrics that matter most to your marketing team. At MNTN, our reporting suite includes many different elements to ensure you get the numbers you need. From information about where your ads perform best to the average cost per site visit, the MNTN reporting capabilities help you optimize your campaigns to get the most out of your marketing budget. 

Creative Data 

Ad creative is an essential part of your CTV strategy, so you’ll also need data on your creative to optimize your campaigns. If you notice a particular ad is resonating more with your audience than another, take note of the different elements. Each time you run an ad campaign, you’ll be able to pull out more creative analytics, creating a continuous cycle of optimization.  

To truly understand what your audience likes and dislikes, you’ll need ad variations for each campaign. 67% of consumers want to see various storytelling approaches to avoid ad fatigue, so you’ll be giving viewers what they want, too. 

Transparent Attribution  

The right insights can help you optimize your marketing budget and scale the channels helping you grow most effectively. That’s why we created Verified Visits™, a CTV attribution model that allows marketers to measure when a user watches a TV ad and then visits a brand’s website on a device within their household within a defined window of time. Plus, this model is fully integrated with Google Analytics, so you can track conversions driven by MNTN in your GA dashboard along with your other performance marketing channels.

Picking the Right Performance Partner 

Now, every brand can enjoy the prestige and power of highly targeted, fully measurable television ads, even if they’ve never aired one before. (In fact, 66% of MNTN customers are advertising on TV for the first time.)

Unfortunately, not all CTV solutions are equal, and many focus only on impressions and reach without offering the tools to take advantage of the channel’s possibilities. So it’s essential to pick the right partner by ensuring they focus on transparency, innovation, and optimization — just to name a few. 

Putting Your Data To Work 

Getting better data from your CTV campaigns is the first step toward mastering the art of the data-driven feedback loop. With that power, your performance data becomes better, more precise advertising creative, which becomes better performance data — driving better business for the long run. To learn more about effectively collecting, analyzing, and using CTV data, watch the full webinar here