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Six in 10 Streaming Viewers Will Watch Ads To Save Money

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Six in 10 Streaming Viewers Will Watch Ads To Save Money

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Still believe that viewers will go out of their way to avoid watching ads on streaming platforms at any cost? Think again. According to a new study from Hub Entertainment Research, which surveyed a pool of 3,000 US consumers, only 16%–17% of viewers expressed an outright resistance to streaming ads. Instead, nearly half of those surveyed were willing to tolerate some of the advertising, and 59% said they were willing to embrace ads as long as they were saving around $4–$5 a month on their streaming subscription fees.

As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, with more and more platforms offering subscription tiers with ads for a lower price, these findings help debunk the myth that ads are universally unwelcome. Instead, it appears consumers are eager for the flexibility of exploring both ad-free and ad-supported options. Ultimately, the survey found that 25% of viewers were interested in transitioning between these two kinds of tiers, looking to strike a balance between economic mindfulness and an uninterrupted viewing experience.

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