Video Advertising Benefits, Political Campaigns on CTV, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Video Advertising Benefits, Political Campaigns on CTV, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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This week saw a lot of marketing news. Luckily, we created this roundup so you can see it all in one place.

In digital marketing news, video advertising has continued to be one of the best ways of engaging with consumers. According to an article from Mediapost, social platforms are seeing much higher engagement on content that includes a video. Twitter reports that users are 10x more likely to engage with a tweet including video, and for LinkedIn video engagement is 20x higher. And it looks like brands are taking notice, with programmatic video advertising expected to grow an additional $10 billion this year. Mediapost covers some of the main reasons why brands should be incorporating video advertising into their strategies this year if they haven’t already. The first is driving sales—while many see video as more of an awareness tactic, it can also be extremely effective at producing qualified leads and generating sales. One survey from Hubspot even found that 81% of advertisers believe that video had a direct impact on their brand’s bottom line. Mediapost also recommends video advertising as a way to increase lifetime customer loyalty. This medium is an easy way to produce messaging that builds trust, allowing brands to create memorable and educational content. 

And in Connected TV news, it looks like political campaigns will be turning to streaming advertising to get the word out during the upcoming midterm elections. Spending on political advertising is expected to reach around $9 billion this year, according to a new article from Beet.TV. And an estimated $1.5 billion of that will be spent on Connected TV advertising. This is good planning by these political campaigns—as cord cutter and cord never viewers continue to turn to streaming to watch content, the audience for this channel has never been larger. “It also represents a really large opportunity for political advertisers to take advantage of all of the different paths to buying inventory on the largest screen of the house,” says Erik Brydges, head of political at digital advertising marketplace Xandr. Ultimately, Beet.TV recommends that political campaigns develop a comprehensive strategy to reach prospective voters in the increasingly fragmented world of TV advertising

Check out the rest of the stories that caught our attention in the list below. 


What to Do When Digital Behavior Isn’t Enough to Target Who You Want to Reach – Behavioral data represented a giant leap forward in our ability to understand consumers and better reach them at the right moment, in the right environment and with the right message. But it does have some limitations. 

Three Steps To Build B2B Digital Marketing Capabilities – When B2B marketing leaders are asked to build an integrated plan to support digital transformation and growth initiatives, it’s natural to consider how your team will get there.

The Newest Member of the Content Marketing Team Is AI – Whether you’re a forward-thinking leader at a Fortune 500 company or a marketing manager at a mid-sized brand, AI will soon be part of your team.

Why Your Brand Could Lose by Not Investing In Video – Programmatic video advertising is expected to grow an additional $10 billion over 2021’s monstrous growth in 2022, according to eMarketer. Many growth brands are seeing the benefits of incorporating this highly engaging medium in their marketing mix.

Most Retailers Still Struggle to Meet Customer Expectations for Hybrid Shopping – With the Covid-19 pandemic entering its third year, many retailers continue to struggle meeting the demands of consumers who are increasingly shopping through a mix of online and in-person channels.  


This Is the Future of Digital Ads. Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready? – There are massive changes on the horizon for marketing agencies, specifically with respect to digital advertising. Due to the pandemic, streaming media advertising such as connected TV (CTV) has become significantly more popular than more traditional forms.

Demise of Third-Party Cookies Offers Opportunity for First-Party Data and Connected TV – The cookie is crumbling – the third-party cookie that is. Google has announced that by the end of next year, they will no longer be accepting third-party cookies, which have been an essential tool for marketers looking to reach potential customers across multiple platforms.  

Political Campaigns Can Boost Performance With Streaming Ads – Spending on political advertising this year is expected to reach $9 billion as the country’s two major parties vie for control in the midterm elections. An estimated $1.5 billion will be spent on CTV channels as campaigns try to reach viewers who shun linear TV.

Netflix Might Generate $1.6B Per Year From Password-Sharing Fees, But At What Cost? – Netflix could earn nearly $1.6 billion per year if it rolls out its plan to charge subscribers for sharing their passwords with those outside of their households, according to an estimate made in a note to investors by Cowen & Co. analyst John Blackledge.

7 Best Practices to Make the Leap from Paid Search to Connected TV – Connected TV may be the missing element to complement your B2B paid search strategy and maximize your ad budget.

YouTube to Stream Free, Ad-Supported TV Shows for the First Time – YouTube announced it will for the first time stream free ad-supported TV shows — a move that puts it into more direct competition with the growing number of free streaming services on the market.


TikTok Announces Second ‘For You’ Summit for Marketers – TikTok has announced its second ‘For You’ Summit, which will see it host a range of sessions with platform experts and creators to showcase the latest opportunities for marketers in the app.

Snap’s First-Ever Oscars Spot Features Its Lenses That Help People Learn ASL – The Deafengers, Snap’s internal employee group for deaf team members, joined forces with SignAll to create a series of Fingerspell Augmented reality lenses that encourage Snapchatters to use the application’s hand-tracking technology to learn American Sign Language.

Shopify Rolls Out Linkpop for Social Commerce and Other Updates for Marketers – Linkpop is a link-in-bio tool that allows creators and followers to quickly get to promoted products and buy them. Creators on social media platforms like Instagram add the Linkpop link to their bio, and in one click their followers are taken to a storefront powered by Shopify. 

Need a TikTok Marketing Strategy? Here’s How to Get Started – There have been thousands of startups that have successfully unlocked TikTok as an acquisition channel ,  either organically with their brand profile content or via paid acquisition.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.