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Viewers spent 57% more time streaming YOY in Q3

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Viewers spent 57% more time streaming YOY in Q3

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As we enter the final months of 2020, it’s important to take stock of marketing wins over the past year to better prepare your strategies next year. One channel that has seen a lot of success has been Connected TV. In their recently released Q3 State of Streaming report, Conviva revealed that viewers spent 57% more time streaming CTV from July to September than the same time period last year. This is especially significant when considering that summer traditionally sees a large dip in TV viewership as people spend more time outside enjoying the sunshine than they do in front of their big-screens. While this rise in viewership can partly be attributed to the COVID pandemic preventing many from traveling, the truth is that more people are streaming through CTV this year than ever before.

Live viewing on Connected TV devices in particular made an impact this year, with a 24% gain over live streaming 2019. Football fans were one of the groups that made the switch from cable, with 41% more NFL viewers switching to streaming through CTV when watching a game. This news may come as no surprise to those advertising on CTV – the uncertainty of the early months of the pandemic caused many TV watchers to reconsider their expensive cable bills and make the switch to cheaper, free services that support streaming TV ads. Marketers who haven’t taken advantage of the increasingly popular content available through the power of CTV are ultimately missing out.

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