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Why CTV Can Be Your Brand Safety Shelter

Why CTV Can Be Your Brand Safety Shelter

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No matter what platform you’re on, social media is pretty chaotic these days. Whether users are talking about a certain football game attendee, sharing too much with a beloved Sesame Street character, or debating the issues of the platform itself, brand safety challenges seem both pervasive and inevitable. 

To mitigate these issues, many advertisers are turning to Connected TV (CTV). With more regulations than other platforms and inventory transparency, brands can rest assured their ads are airing alongside quality content. Especially as we continue navigating 2024, brand safety will become increasingly essential for brands across industries. 

Recently, Jessie Haase, Customer Success Manager at MNTN, joined Adweek to discuss CTV’s brand safety, the key elements to implement in your strategy, and how to get started. Let’s take a look at some of the conversation: 

CTV’s Built-In Brand Safety

In 2024, we’re expecting companies to keep an incredibly close watch on brand safety. According to a Mediaocean report, brands were just as concerned about brand safety in 2023 as they were the year prior. In Q4 of 2022, 40% of respondents said they expected their concerns to increase over the next year — and it’s likely that pattern will continue. 

No matter what the topic of the hour is, there’s a lot going on across social media platforms. And often, many of the posts are negative (at best), and a lot of the time, it feels like this. This can create a divisive experience for users, and advertisers are often looking for brand-safe additions to their strategies. 

Enter: television advertising. Well, maybe “enter” is the wrong verb. TV advertising has been around for a while now — since 1941, to be exact — and through its evolution, advertisers have been able to reach consumers. With the FCC television oversight, brands could advertise on television with confidence, knowing their audience was viewing the ad alongside quality content. 

Now, you can combine these protections with digital performance for an incredible advertising combination. Thanks to CTV’s digital DNA, you don’t have to give up performance in order to achieve brand safety. In fact, you’ll likely be able to use some of those paid search, social media, and other digital marketing strategies in your CTV campaigns. 

The Keys to Brand Safety

While CTV has evolved over the years, it has remained a safe platform for brands to air their ads. But how can you be sure the platform you’re using can help you maintain your brand’s reputation? 

Premium Inventory 

Not all inventory is the same. In order to make an impact with your ads, you need to work with a platform offering premium inventory. Otherwise, you could be wasting your time, ad creative, and budget on low-impact channels (and we’re guessing you don’t want that). 

Premium CTV inventory is just one example of why transparency is essential in CTV and OTT advertising. If you don’t know where your ads are running, it’s likely you don’t know who (…if anyone) is watching them, either. 

Precision Audience Targeting 

Speaking of… precision audience targeting is another key element when it comes to brand safety on television. With these features, you can connect with your key audience, no matter who they are or what they’re watching. By making sure the ads you’re sharing are aligned with your viewers, you’ll create more effective connections. 

Limitless Creative 

With built-in brand safety, your company can worry less about what your ads are appearing next to — and focus more on creating incredible content. At MNTN, our advertising partners can connect with different creative solutions, including Creative-as-a-Subscription™ and QuickFrame, to craft data-driven, high-performing ads. 

Take (Brand Safety) Shelter With CTV 

No matter your industry, brand safety is increasingly important. With an ever-changing industry, you shouldn’t have to spend time worrying that your ads are airing alongside irrelevant or inappropriate content, driving a negative impression of your brand. 

By combining the agility of digital with the prestige of TV advertising, brands can craft and share a powerful message across premium inventory. Ready to learn more about how CTV’s brand safety can improve your marketing strategy? Watch the full webinar here.