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We've Won Some Industry Awards

Adweek Reader's Choice Best of Tech Partner Awards

Winner of Adweek’s 2022
Adweek’s Reader’s Choice: Best Addressable TV Solution

OMMA Awards - Online Media Marketing & Advertising

Winner of OMMA Award
Best Advanced TV Category

Adweek B2B Innovation Awards

MNTN CEO Mark Douglas
Awarded Tech Innovator of the Year by Adweek

Fast Company - Most Innovative Companies 2023

Winner of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2023

MNTN Has Transformed Connected TV Into The Third Performance Channel

When it comes to performance marketing, MNTN sits right alongside paid search and social, driving the growth metrics that matter most.

Paid Search



Built for Every Kind of Company and Performance Marketer

Marketers at big, mid-sized, and small companies alike rely on MNTN to increase their website traffic, revenue, and return on ad spend.

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

We’ve earned the praises of customers on G2. Our competitors? Most either have lower average review scores, or they have none at all.

I love that it [MNTN] is self-service, but I also have the support team (actual humans) to turn to. MNTN is proving out that CTV can be profitable and scalable.

Caitlin R.
Head of Growth, Proven Skincare

The self-service is awesome, and the customer support and success teams are great and quick to reply. I am on MNTN almost daily (mostly to check conversions)… MNTN is getting our high-quality commercial in front of the right audience. for the right price.

Ramey M.
Marketing Coordinator, Text Request

What You Get With MNTN

Maximize ROAS

Our self-serve software is built to drive scalable performance with capabilities you’ve come to expect from digital.

Move Faster

MNTN brings unrivaled performance and simplicity to CTV advertising with an intuitive, easy to use, self-serve software.

Work Smarter

Make better informed decisions with accurate, real-time reporting.

The MNTN Features That Make Us the Industry Gold Standard

The MNTN Features That Make Us the Industry Gold Standard

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  • CTV Advertising Built for Performance
  • 1st and 3rd Party Targeting, including LiveRamp
  • No Creative? MNTN Can Help With QuickFrame and Creative-as-a-Subscription™
  • Direct Deals with 150+ Premium Streaming Networks
  • Industry-Leading, Real-Time Automated Optimization
  • Proven, Proprietary Measurement for CTV
  • Integrations with Google Analytics and Rockerbox
  • Test at Affordable, Low Risk Budgets
  • One of the largest buyers of TV inventory in the US
  • User-Determined Attribution Windows
  • Supports Most Impression Tags
  • Self-Service, Backed by Expert Customer Service
  • Customizable Real-Time Reporting
  • Goal-Based Media Buying
  • Full Inventory Transparency and Blocklist Controls
  • Incrementality Reporting

Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About MNTN

Yes, MNTN’s platform matches your campaigns to the customers that are most likely to take action on Connected TV (CTV). Your customers will see your ads only on the most premium streaming networks, such as Peacock, ESPN, Bravo, and more. In fact, MNTN has direct deals with 150+ channels, ensuring that your MNTN campaign will reach your consumers, no matter what they watch.

No. MNTN only requires advertisers to run on CTV.

Yes. MNTN has a team of dedicated experts who work with customers every day to help them achieve their performance goals. Collectively, they possess years and years of experience, including how to solve any challenges your campaigns may encounter and to get the most out of every campaign dollar.

Just like the most popular paid search and social platforms out there, MNTN’s algorithms were developed with years of testing, learning, and committed engineering resources. Our intelligent, dynamic technology optimizes your campaign thousands of times per day, based on your performance goal.

No. Just as you don’t need a scientific calculator or a small army of data scientists to tell you how your paid search and social campaigns are performing, MNTN’s real-time reporting gives you everything you need to know about your CTV campaign performance. You won’t need assistance to understand MNTN’s straightforward, familiar reporting.

No. MNTN takes what it has learned in the years of running Performance TV campaigns for thousands of advertisers of all sizes and in all industries and uses it to automatically optimize campaigns thousands of times a day to achieve the best performance. This saves you time you can use to focus on other things.

The results speak for themselves: in 2022, MNTN’s automated optimizations produced 93% better results than humans could. And in 2023, we launched our upgraded software, Next Gen TV, which lowered our advertisers’ average cost per acquisition (CPA) by another 27%, on average — all while making our campaigns more scalable than ever. Even now, we’re still working to make our optimizations smarter and more effective, because that’s just what you do when your advertisers need to get the best performance out of every campaign.

MNTN has a proprietary attribution system built for CTV. It’s called Verified Visits. It’s a form of last-click attribution, and this is how it works.

Our system automatically analyzes the UTM tags and other marketing parameters associated with each user’s site visit to understand the referral source that ultimately delivered that visit. If a non-MNTN referral source is detected—either from a paid marketing channel, such as paid search, or an organic marketing channel, such as a CTA button in a marketing email—then MNTN does not take credit for that site visit.

MNTN will only take attributable credit for a site visit if three conditions are met:

  1. A user has seen an advertiser’s MNTN ad.
  2. The user then organically or directly visited the advertiser’s site on a device within the same household.
  3. The ad exposure and the site visit happen within an attribution window of time that the advertiser defines.

This attribution methodology is entirely unique to MNTN and ensures Performance TV is only attributed credit when credit is actually earned. We’ve also integrated MNTN Verified Visits with the latest version of Google Analytics (GA), giving you the ability to use the leader in web analytics to measure the unique site visits your TV ads deliver alongside your other marketing channels.

Not only does Verified Visits make a non-clickable channel attributable. It does it in the same way a clickable channel does.

No. While other solutions are reliant on one primary data source for household identification, MNTN’s Identity Graph remains ID agnostic by mapping a variety of signals for connected household devices. This gives us the ability to match your commercials with the right households and accurately attribute outcomes (site visits, conversions, ROAS, etc.) without cookies.

Yes. Two-thirds of MNTN customers have never advertised on TV before using MNTN, and we’ve helped many of them create distinctive, high performing TV ads. This is so important that MNTN acquired a company called QuickFrame to help more advertisers make more, better creative faster and at a lower cost. That includes helping them create ads from scratch, as well as repurposing social and digital video for CTV.

MNTN leverages our advertisers’ collective investment to gain the negotiating power of a top purchaser of premium connected TV inventory in the United States. We then use that buying power to provide TV networks with exceptionally high, always-growing forecasts in exchange for increasingly more competitive pricing.

Our pricing model is based on a dynamic CPM (dCPM). You pay for the ads placed on publisher networks, and MNTN keeps a percentage of that for our service. A dynamic CPM (dCPM) pricing model enables our platform to buy the inventory best suited to your goals across multiple channels. We consolidate the multiple associated fees into a single platform fee that is also dynamic because the buys are constantly shifting to maximize performance.

At MNTN, we do not charge a separate retainer or fee for our services and technology, which includes audiences, creative suite, performance analytics, ad-serving, cross-device attribution, viewability, and more.

MNTN is fundamentally accountable and fair. If we don’t hit your goals, you’ll be free to stop using MNTN since we do not require any contracts or commitments.

A dynamic CPM gives advertisers premium placements without having to overpay for the inventory. The dynamic CPM also fuels our audience-first approach, ensuring we are placing ads in front of users with the highest propensity to achieve your campaign’s performance goal.

That’s why, in the UI, all you need to do is input your budget and goal, and our technology will optimize to hit or exceed that goal within the budget you’ve provided.

MNTN only serves ads on premium CTV inventory via our direct deals with over 150 TV networks. We call this Living Room Quality Inventory, and it delivers the best possible results.

Yes. MNTN’s TV Network report gives you 100% transparency into where your commercials are running. You can use our network blocklists to make sure you’re reaching your audiences on the networks you want.

He sure does. So do hundreds of engineers, who work every day to make our platform the leader in Performance TV. We also own QuickFrame, the leading platform for providing video creative at any budget, and we’re the only company offering CaaS, or Creative-as-a-Subscription. By simply spending money on media, you also can get custom-made, high-performing TV creative. Instead of paying production costs, CaaS bundles your creative and media together into an easy, affordable, and effective way to advertise on television. And with packages to fit every budget, any brand can quickly launch multiple ads that are simple to make, easy to test, and proven to deliver results.

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