MNTN CEO Mark Douglas and CCO Ryan Reynolds Select Netflix As First Pick on CNBC’s ‘Stock Draft’

Apr 29, 2022 1 Min Read

During CNBC’s Stock Draft, the MNTN GOATS team of Ryan Reynolds, CCO of MNTN, and Mark Douglas, CEO and Founder, selected Netflix (NFLX) as their first draft pick.

“For all the irrational piling on, it’s still the largest streamer and it’s going to be introducing an ad-supported tier,” said Reynolds, “And you know, full disclosure, I have three movies in Netflix’s top ten so I’m legally obligated to make this pick.”

When asked about how he and Reynolds came to work together, Douglas stated, “We teamed up on MNTN to basically bring television to every advertiser. Anybody of any size can now reach television, as opposed to just the worlds largest advertisers before.”

For the rest of the discussion, check out the video above.

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