Relevant Ads.

Why am I seeing this ad?

The websites you visit will work with online advertising companies to provide advertising that is as relevant and useful as possible. Ad personalization may be driven by the content of the web page you’re visiting, information you’ve provided, historical searches, and/or predictions about your interests generated from websites you visit.

Who placed this ad?

This ad was served by MNTN.

Why was this ad served?

MNTN may use your online activity, searches, demographic data, and location information to select the ads you see. We never know personal information or store anything confidential. At the end of the day, we’re consumers just like you and respect your privacy.

Please read about MNTN’s Privacy Policy

What choices do I have about this advertising from MNTN?

You can go to our Opt Out page to see your opt out choices.

Learn more about your advertising choices

Understand your choices for online advertising from the Digital Advertising Alliance. Learn more about online advertising from the Network Advertising Initiative. Explore browser controls and plug-in tools to help set and maintain your privacy choices.

How to report ads on inappropriate sites

MNTN will never intentionally run ads alongside content that is not family-safe. Unfortunately, there are times when publisher sites sidestep the safeguards we have in place. Whenever this is brought to our attention, we review the sites in question and take appropriate action. We also empower all brands working with us to provide a blacklist for sites they do not wish their ads to run on. If you believe you’ve come across an ad we’ve served on a site that does not qualify as family-safe, please contact us at with the URL of the site, as well as a screenshot of the ad unit.

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