Ad Lang Syne: How 2024 Will Shake Up Media Buying

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What This Session Is About

As you may have noticed, 2023 was a big year for CTV advertising. More consumers rushed to ad-supported streaming, more advertisers adopted new targeting and measurement capabilities, and major players like Netflix announced an increase in ad inventory for 2024. But to take advantage of these opportunities, advertisers need to know how media buying will evolve in the coming year — and update their marketing strategies to accommodate.

Join MNTN as we cover the recent trends and news stories shaking up the world of CTV advertising and give you actionable insights to step up your ad game in 2024. From the benefits of buying programmatically to the latest need-to-know advancements and strategies, MNTN will give you the tools you need to build performance marketing campaigns that drive bottom-line results long after the ball drops.

Ad Lang Syne: How 2024 Will Shake Up Media Buying

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