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Navigating the Growing Connected TV Advertising Landscape

Navigating the Growing Connected TV Advertising Landscape

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The early days of the Connected TV industry are over. Today, it’s a complex landscape with no signs of slowing down. According to eMarketer, CTV advertising is expected to reach $25.9 billion in the US in 2023. 

Even though people understand the importance of CTV advertising, there are still a lot of questions to answer as the industry evolves. Amelia Dieterich, MNTN’s Senior Growth Manager, recently joined eMarketer to discuss how advertisers can navigate CTV’s growth, challenges, and opportunities. Let’s dive into some of the highlights of their conversation. 

What’s Causing CTV’s Rapid Growth? 

The CTV and Over-the-Top (OTT) video advertising market has been expanding. So what’s causing this rapid growth

More Ad Inventory

More platforms are adding ad-supported tiers than ever before. Even platforms who swore off advertising (coughNetflixcough) have joined the CTV ad circuit. These new ad offerings have expanded the industry, giving advertisers new opportunities to reach their customers. 

Increased Viewer Engagement 

CTV provides improved ad recall, more effective engagement, and higher video completion rates, all of which are driving industry growth. Since many CTV and OTT ads are unskippable, people pay more attention to these videos. Plus, when viewers are consciously sitting down to watch their favorite shows in the evenings, they’re likely to be engaged. And with the right CTV creative, you can keep their eyes glued to the screens during commercial breaks.

And if you’re worried about viewers using multiple screens while watching television, it’s time to flip that concern into an opportunity. Several screens allow advertisers to create a seamless omnichannel marketing experience for customers, from the television screen to mobile devices and back again. 

In some situations, viewers are even embracing ads. With certain platforms, they can watch as many episodes of their favorite show as they want or tune into the latest series for less (or, in some cases, for free) just by agreeing to ad breaks. This partnership is a win-win scenario by ensuring customers get the content they want and advertisers reach their target audiences

Increased Viewership

Finally, to put it simply, consumers love CTV. With an increase in viewership, advertisers are doing their best to follow the audience and advertise where they spend a significant amount of their TV time. 

Breaking the Creative Barrier 

Many marketing teams are concerned about the content requirements for CTV ads. We get it — for many years, quality advertising really was out of reach for many brands. Thankfully, times have changed, and advertisers now have several affordable video ad creative options. 

Just at MNTN, we have multiple options for advertisers, including Creative-as-a-Subscription™ (also known as CaaS). MNTN advertisers have the opportunity to get custom, high-performance television ads by doing what they were going to do anyway: spend money on media. 

QuickFrame by MNTN is also an option for brands looking to create data-driven video assets for social media, CTV, and beyond. QuickFrame connects brands with a global network of leading video creators and production teams who are ready to deliver the content brands need. 

Making the Most of the Growing CTV Landscape 

As the CTV landscape continues to grow, advertisers need to make the most of their budgets and resources — especially in a time where justifying budgets and proving ROI is required more often than not. 

With the right CTV partner, you should be able to have all of the information you need to boost your ads’ effectiveness and understand exactly where you’re spending money, all while keeping key objectives in mind. 

But, most of all, you can’t make the most of the current state of CTV without advertising on the platform — so what are you waiting for? Watch the full webinar here to learn more about the expanding landscape of CTV.