Align Your New Year’s Resolutions with CTV’s Ad Revolution

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What This Session Is About

As we inch closer to the new year, the streaming world is already preparing for a makeover. Premium channels from Disney+ to Netflix are debuting their ad-supported channels, creating valuable inventory for advertisers. And for the first time, streaming surpassed linear viewing, meaning there are even more opportunities to make your mark on the TV screen. So how exactly can you prepare yourself for this new landscape and take advantage of all that is to come?

Join Jessie Hasse, Senior Customer Success Manager at MNTN, as she provides a detailed look at why 2023 will be an even more robust opportunity for advertisers looking to take advantage of Connected TV’s offerings. Hasse will walk through an ideal campaign approach, from how to set appropriate performance goals, to building audience strategies to make the most of surging viewership. A perfectly executed CTV campaign is a resolution you’ll be able to check off your list before the first of the year.

  • Learn about the changes coming to Connected TV in 2023 as premium channels debut ad-supported subscription tiers
  • Discover how to set goals for your campaigns that align with your business initiatives 
  • See how audience targeting can help spread your message among the growing CTV viewership and avoid fragmentation concerns
  • Uncover how to make the most of CTV’s digital roots and the extensive reporting it provides 
Align Your New Year’s Resolutions with CTV’s Ad Revolution

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