Analyzing the Season: What AI Technology Says About Effective Holiday CTV Ads

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What This Session Is About

We’re fast approaching the holidays, which means brands are preparing for their annual seasonal advertising sprint. But how do you make your creative stand out when so many ads at the end of the year have a similar look and feel? By using data to pinpoint the precise creative elements that are being over or under utilized during the annual holiday season. As data-driven marketing strategies are shown to be six times more likely at generating a competitive advantage for profitability, using data to inform your creative decision-making has never been more important.

Join QuickFrame by MNTN’s Jeremy Bunya, Product Marketing Manager, for an eMarketer webinar where he’ll share exclusive, in-depth analysis–surfaced by AI technology–on the creative elements that go into producing an effective holiday video ad for Connected TV. You’ll discover which hyper-specific variables will deliver the best performance for Q4 2022–and how you can apply those learnings to your own holiday strategies. If you’ve ever wondered what length, tone, or opening emotion will net the highest performance during this season, then you won’t want to miss out on what our findings reveal.

  • How specific creative variables can affect marketing outcomes
  • The most important elements of holiday ads to drive results
  • Why a data-driven approach to analyzing your ads effectiveness can improve creative decision-making for future campaigns.
Analyzing the Season: What AI Technology Says About Effective Holiday CTV Ads

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