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(B2)Be There: Driving Long-Term B2B Brand Awareness with CTV

(B2)Be There: Driving Long-Term B2B Brand Awareness with CTV

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We quote this stat all the time, but only because it’s so eye-popping: up to 90% of B2B decision-makers buy from companies they knew at the beginning of the buying process. So in order to be on the radar of your potential buyers, you need to get ahead of the sales funnel

Recently, Severin Nesselhauf joined Metadata for their Demand 2023 event to discuss how B2B brands can harness the power of Connected TV. Let’s take a look at some key points of their conversation: 

There’s a Better Way To B2B

Plenty of — OK, let’s be real, most — B2B marketing teams are running the same plays from the same playbook. And for good reason — these common tactics are incredibly effective. But using the same strategies as your competitors can make it difficult to stand out. 

Since the B2B buying timeline begins well before the decision makers start moving through the sales funnel, getting in front of your audience and building brand awareness is more crucial than ever. Don’t get us wrong — we’re not suggesting you should throw out your digital tools like measurement or granular targeting and swap them for a roadside billboard. 

Instead, you can use your budget more effectively to reach your target audience where they might not expect to see you: alongside their favorite streaming content. 

As Easy As A-B(2B)-C(TV) 

As Nesselhauf discussed in the webinar, CTV gives B2B marketing teams the chance to get ahead of the competition, reach valuable audiences, and generate demand

CTV, specifically Performance TV, allows teams to combine the precision audience segmentation of digital with the prestige of television advertising to create a seamless right-place-at-the-right-time situation. Plus, with unskippable ads, brands can deliver their message in full, without worrying about viewers scrolling past. 

But what tools enable B2B brands to put these strategies into place? Let’s explore some of the specific features to keep an eye out for: 

Audience Targeting 

While television targeting used to be nonexistent, MNTN has turned the TV into a demand gen tool for B2B marketers. Precision targeting gives advertisers the power to: 

  • Connect with existing prospects 
  • Drive brand awareness with relevant audiences 
  • Push customers further down the sales funnel more effectively 

With effective targeting, your brand can stop wasting money on irrelevant audiences and focus on driving relevant messaging to your key segments instead. 

Reporting and Attribution

Reporting and attribution transparency are must-haves in CTV. There are a lot of different marketing attribution models, but some lack the insights marketers need to know about their television campaigns. 

For Performance TV, marketing teams need up-to-date, detailed reports. MNTN’s proprietary CTV attribution model, Verified Visits™, allows you to accurately measure when a viewer sees your MNTN ad and the performance it drove.

Plus, you can use these insights to improve your campaigns. For example, you can track which video ads resonate with your target audience, ensuring you’re always providing your potential consumers with video creative they actually want to see.

Always-Advancing Technology 

One of the biggest benefits of CTV for B2B marketers: you’re always going to be ahead of the curve in your industry. With always-advancing technology, AI and other automation tools continuously make it easier for marketers to reach and convert target audiences — especially on CTV. 

Currently, these tools have taken an extensive amount of time and effort out of planning, buying, and optimizing your campaigns, giving advertisers a clear advantage above manual efforts in these areas. But this is just the beginning. With an endless opportunity to grow, these tools can transform your CTV ad campaigns and help your business stand out. 

Drive B2B Brand Awareness with CTV 

Your B2B audience has a narrow window where they’re ready to buy. This just means you’ve got to get your brand in front of them ASAP, and in a way that sticks with them. By targeting your key audience segments and making a powerful first impression with CTV, you’ve got the chance to stay ahead of your competitors — and stay top of mind for your customers when they’re ready to buy. 

Ready to learn more about reaching your audience with the power of CTV? Watch the full webinar here.