Bringing CPG to CTV: Why Awareness-Driven Brands Must Rethink Measurement on Television

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What This Session Is About

Connected TV has changed the game for advertisers looking to drive and measure online conversions and revenue. But what does it have to offer those that don’t tie success to direct outcomes? Are brands in the CPG, entertainment, and auto manufacturing industries destined to miss out on groundbreaking advancements in TV advertising?

Join CTV ad industry veteran Ali Haeri as he explains how awareness and offline-focused advertisers can benefit from CTV. Equipped with hard campaign performance data, these brands can now measure audience reaction to creative messaging in real-time—unlocking information that would traditionally take weeks to accumulate and deliver. He’ll detail what that means for the TV advertising landscape at-large, and what advertisers can do to take advantage of this opportunity.

You’ll learn:

  • Why CPG and similar brands have an unheard-of opportunity on CTV
  • How the rapid speed of reporting data unlocks real-time decision making
  • Which granular analytics data is available to influence both CTV and linear strategies

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