Can You Hack It? How Connected TV Can Inform Your Ad Strategy

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What This Session Is About

Sure, Connected TV is an efficient performance marketing channel on its own, but that’s just scratching the surface. CTV’s digital roots provide a data-rich feedback loop that can be applied beyond the TV screen; the findings from your CTV initiatives can be applied to other channels to help drive success across platforms. So while your CTV campaigns are churning away, generating revenue, website visits, and more, make it work even harder by using the data to inform your other ad channels. 

Join Alexa Guttroff, Product Marketing Manager at MNTN, as she unveils how Connected TV can act as a market research engine to optimize your other ad channels. She’ll walk through specific hacks from audience segmentation to network reporting and how you can take your learnings to other key platforms. Your ad strategy will never be the same.

Can You Hack It? How Connected TV Can Inform Your Ad Strategy

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