CTV’s Next Evolution: Why 2023 is the Biggest Year Yet for Brands

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Did you see that? Almost overnight, Connected TV evolved again. Several streaming services have merged and consolidated, all of the major services have expanded their libraries with must-see-(C)TV, and everyone’s embracing ads—even Netflix. Now every streaming service is ready to be a fully measurable, targetable ad platform for brands, and 2023 is poised to usher in a new era of TV unlike anything seen before. For advertisers, not taking full advantage of CTV will be a competitive disadvantage—but there’s no reason to stress.  

Join Alexa Tierney, Senior Director of Customer Success at MNTN, as she details CTV’s biggest shakeup yet and gives insider insights for navigating the changing landscape ahead. Tierney will provide strategies to implement into your next-year plans, highlight the potential strengths and pitfalls of the major streaming services’ new offerings, and share where targetable and measurable television is heading next year (and beyond). 

CTV’s Next Evolution: Why 2023 is the Biggest Year Yet for Brands

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