How Retail Brands Can Drive Performance with Connected TV

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What This Session Is About

Retail marketers don’t need help raising awareness on TV — it’s just what comes naturally. To put it in Texas Hold ‘Em terms, awareness is table stakes, but modern TV advertising has an ace up its sleeve: Connected TV. CTV makes driving performance possible on the biggest screens your audiences watch. You might think, “Well of course a CTV platform like MNTN would say that. We know where your money comes from!” But we don’t want you to take our word for it — just ask our biggest retail advertising success stories. The results our customers see on Performance TV are the results you should see with your CTV campaigns.

Join us and Retail Touchpoints to explore a series of real-world case studies from some of MNTN’s top retail advertisers and get a crystal-clear picture of how Connected TV drives performance. We’ll show you what our advertisers wanted to achieve, the solutions they had at their disposal, and the results they got when they used CTV as a performance marketing platform.

How Retail Brands Can Drive Performance with Connected TV

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