First-Party Targeting and CTV: The Audience-Data Lottery Brands Have Already Won

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What This Session Is About

As advertisers increasingly turn to first-party data to engage audiences on connected TV, brands often don’t realize they already have the data they need — or how to use it.

For the brands that do, this first-party data is a CTV goldmine. Studies show that retargeting campaigns using first-party data outperform upper-funnel efforts — and savvy brands are using this tactic to run laps around the competition.

Join this live webinar on February 23 at 1 p.m. EST with Lauren Reedy, solutions architect at MNTN, to learn how CTV advertisers are maximizing first-party data for precisely targeted campaigns. 

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • How to collect and utilize first-party data
  • Why CTV retargeting is essential to a true cross-device experience
  • How first-party data engages brands’ most valuable audiences

Whether the marketing team is already leveraging first-party data via CRM or wondering where to start, this live conversation will give CTV advertisers actionable insights and strategies to re-engage their most valuable — and most loyal — audiences throughout the sales funnel.

First-Party Targeting and CTV: The Audience-Data Lottery Brands Have Already Won

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