Have Ad, Will Travel: Why CTV is The Window to the World for Jetsetters

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What This Session Is About

If you’re a travel brand, you’ve seen some serious shift—from COVID disruptions to changing consumer behaviors and emerging technologies, the last few years have been full of rapid change. To learn how to stay ahead, you need to understand how your fellow travel marketers are navigating the current ad space. And that means tapping into data-driven insights sourced from senior travel marketers on how they’re leveraging Connected TV, and why they’re gravitating toward it as a performance marketing channel. 

Join Tim Edmundson, Director of Content & Research at MNTN, as he reveals how travel brands are embracing streaming television, updating strategies, and navigating pain points. He’ll detail how you can maximize CTV advertising to create your own success story, and why you can’t afford to miss the boat on this opportunity.

Key takeaways

  • See how travel brands are leveraging CTV to create powerful, better-performing advertising campaigns
  • Learn exclusive strategies for enhancing CTV campaigns and driving measurable returns
  • Discover how CTV’s performance mindset is impacting the future of travel advertising across every channel
Have Ad, Will Travel: Why CTV is The Window to the World for Jetsetters

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