Make Your CTV Ads Go Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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What This Session Is About

You’ve seen the headlines. You know the score. As you read this, marketing budgets around the world are tightening. Now is the time for speed, efficiency, and performance—and Connected TV is leading the charge (don’t take our word for it; 65% of marketers define CTV as a performance marketing channel). Advertising Week and MNTN recently polled marketers to learn how they’re using CTV to drive success and boost outcomes across all their ad channels. Now we’re sharing what your peers think to help give your campaigns a little extra oomph.

Join Tim Edmundson, Director of Content Marketing & Research at MNTN, as he shares the data behind achieving CTV success. From learning how it fuels inter-campaign synergy, to seeing how teams easily slot it into their existing strategies, you’ll learn how other marketers are using CTV to produce big results, drive high returns on ad spend—and give you the proof to quantify your advertising wins.

Make Your CTV Ads Go Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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