The Ad Gift That Keeps On Giving: CTV’s Must-See Features For 2024

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What This Session Is About

Marketers have had years to wrap their minds around CTV and feel confident in its abilities. But now those marketers are making a list (and probably checking it twice) of the dream features they want to see from the platform. At the same time, CTV ad platforms started tinkering around with new capabilities they predicted marketers would want — before they even knew it themselves. Now, these two paths are converging at a critical time, just ahead of the holidays and the start of 2024. Hold onto your (Santa) hats, folks, because we’ve identified the new must-see features you won’t want to miss.

Join MNTN as they go through marketers’ wish lists for the new year and reveal the substantial and far-reaching new CTV updates awaiting them. From stronger ad optimization and new methods for developing high-impact creative, to updates to targeting, measurement, and usability, MNTN is tearing the wrapping off the gifts that every marketer wants — including some they didn’t even know they wanted.

The Ad Gift That Keeps On Giving: CTV’s Must-See Features For 2024

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