The LinkedIn Marketer’s Guide to Connected TV

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What This Session Is About

As an expert social marketer, launching an ad campaign is a breeze, even when testing out the newest platform. The key elements from audience targeting to campaign structure remain the same, giving each new ad platform a short learning curve. But what about a completely new channel like Connected TV? Believe it or not, you already have the skills you need to launch on CTV—it’s built on the same digital roots as the social channels you already use. And that’s good news, since CTV is an essential way for B2B businesses to differentiate themselves from the pack.

Join Eric Hatzenbuhler, MNTN’s Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, as he shares the best practices to carry over from LinkedIn and other social channels that will help you expand into this exciting new ad channel.. He’ll walk through the simple set-up of a CTV campaign, sharing the tips and tricks he himself uses when building and managing campaigns for MNTN.

The LinkedIn Marketer’s Guide to Connected TV

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