The Top Mistakes Brands Make With Their CTV Ad Spend

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Hollywood strikes. Delayed content releases. The rising cost of streaming. And, oh yeah, even more service fragmentation and consolidation than ever before. These stories are having a real impact on ad spend in 2024, but unfortunately many brands are getting the wrong message. Next year is poised to be CTV’s most lucrative and competitive year yet; you can’t afford to waste time and money chasing the wrong strategies. 

MNTN is shining a rare light on the top mistakes brands make with their CTV ad spend — and showing how you can avoid them. From data-backed insights for building a better spending strategy, to why a lack of new content is an opportunity in disguise, MNTN will give you everything you need to use 2024’s shifting landscape to unearth big opportunities. Leave the financial mistakes to your competitors. 

The Top Mistakes Brands Make With Their CTV Ad Spend

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