TV Ads 2.0: How the Connected Age Gives TV Advertising a Second Life

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What This Session Is About

As the connected TV space expands, ad-supported premium TV programming is strengthening its position with advertisers as powerful media to engage audiences. As audiences flock to their must-see streaming programming, how are platforms and their partners collaborating with marketers to maximize the full potential of connected TV? How are marketers acting on the analytics and targeting capabilities of these connected TV platforms? Leading platform executives and marketers converge to talk about the current and future opportunities of connected TV advertising.

Join Andrea Zapata, EVP Ad Sales Research, Measurement and Insights, Warner Bros. Discovery; Mark Douglas, President and CEO, MNTN; Dan Callahan, SVP of Data Strategy and Sales Innovation, Fox Ad Sales; Adam Gerber, Executive Director, US Investment Strategy, GroupM; Kristen O’Hara, Vice President, Agency and Brand Solutions, Google & YouTube and John Lee, Chief Data Officer, Advertising and Partnerships, NBCUniversal for an exclusive conversation in the Variety Streaming Room presented by MNTN discussing opportunities of connected TV advertising.  

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