Why Performance-Powered Brand Marketing Is A (Big) Game Changer In 2024

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What This Session Is About

Let’s be real: TV advertising has notoriously had a transparency problem. But it’s become easier to rise above those limitations with connected TV, which unifies brand marketing and performance marketing tactics together to provide crystal-clear clarity into the outcomes of TV campaigns. This integrated approach is called performance-powered brand marketing, and it ensures something every TV campaign needs: a whole lot more accountability.

Join MNTN for a webinar to learn:

  • Why performance-powered brand marketing is the big game changer that will bring accountability to TV advertising. 
  • How this holistic approach lets advertisers use performance marketing tactics to generate and measure brand marketing success.
  • How to adapt successful brand strategies to harness the performance power of CTV. 
Why Performance-Powered Brand Marketing Is A (Big) Game Changer In 2024

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