Your Next Growth Phase, Courtesy of Connected TV

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Take a drive in any major city and the billboards are hard to miss. Not only are they advertising the next blockbusters, but SaaS companies are touting their services to daily commuters. While the push to increase incremental awareness and conversions is essential to maintain growth, there is a better (and safer) way to reach your target audience: Connected TV. CTV can help your marketing team generate demand for your services and hit your performance goals, with results you can actually measure. 

Join MNTN’s Ali Haeri, Vice President of Marketing, as he outlines how Connected TV can help your team drive demand and ultimately increase your ARR. He’ll outline how CTV helps B2B businesses find their audience on the TV screen, and why this performance-optimized solution is an efficient use of your advertising budget. Plus, he’ll share how CTV offers solutions for all phases of company growth, from early stages to mature SaaS companies.

Your Next Growth Phase, Courtesy of Connected TV

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