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High Yield Advertising: What’s Driving Financial Service Firms to Connected TV

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If you’re in the financial services industry, you’re accustomed to promoting methods that cut costs, drive returns, and maximize every dollar spent—shouldn’t your ad strategy have the same mentality? CTV revolutionized the TV ad by making it targetable, measurable, and accountable. Now, the platform is outranking broadcast and cable TV in viewership—and becoming a powerful tool for financial institutions looking to grow their client base and drive engagement. But what if you’re unsure if CTV belongs in your team’s investment portfolio? 

Join Stephen Graveman, Content Marketing Manager at MNTN, as he reveals data-backed insights sourced from top financial marketers on how banks, credit unions, and other institutions are using CTV to drive exponential growth—in a faster, effective, and more affordable way than ever. Stephen will detail advertising strategies that need updating in the 2020s, pain points to avoid, and how your organization can maximize CTV advertising to make every ad dollar go further, for less. 

High Yield Advertising: What’s Driving Financial Service Firms to Connected TV

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