The Performance TV Guide to the Holidays

It’s 2021 and if your Q4 ad strategy doesn’t incorporate Connected TV, you may be in for a very un-merry holiday season. That’s because more people are streaming television than ever before. By tapping into that surge in viewership you unlock a new, effective way to reach consumers with direct-response ads that drive site visits and conversions. 

The MNTN Performance TV Holiday Guide offers the best practices, stats, and insights that will transform your holiday ad strategy into a conversion-driving, revenue generating machine. Discover how Connected TV advertising can unlock a vital, high-performance ad channel that will help you drive key metrics and make this year one to remember.

You’ll learn:

  • How to balance upper and lower-funnel strategies, and when the data says it’s best to launch each. 
  • How consumers are voting with their wallets and transforming Connected TV into an increasingly ad-supported medium.
  • The relationship between ad creative, ecommerce landing pages, and how the right approach to each can deliver better results.