Connected TV

The Strange New World of CTV Demand Generation

What’s one thing Trekkies and B2B marketers have in common? A love of data.

The Strange New World of CTV Demand Generation

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It’s time to start thinking outside the galaxy box. As more and more marketing teams search for the most effective ways to drive demand generation for their B2B brands, advertisers are going to have to get more creative with their strategies and video content. 

One way to get ahead of the competition is to explore strange new worlds underutilized formats, including Connected TV (CTV). For far too long, many B2B marketers were afraid CTV didn’t have the performance power they needed to reach other businesses—but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Alexa Guttroff, Product Marketing Manager at MNTN, recently joined Demand Gen Report to explore demand generation on CTV. Let’s take a look at some of the conversation: 

B2B Marketing Can’t Stay Boring Forever

The B2B landscape has looked similar for quite some time. That’s left many marketing teams feeling trapped within the confines of the traditional B2B marketing playbook. But who said it had to stay that way? In fact, to stand out and stay competitive, a new twist is necessary—you might even want to leave some strategies behind. 

Search ads, LinkedIn outreach, functional video creative—they all have their place within a strategy. But everyone else in your industry is using them, too. So how do you break the mold and make a stellar first impression? (We’re sure you can see where this is headed.) 

CTV: The Final Frontier of B2B Demand Generation

All brands need to get ahead of the buying cycle, but especially B2B brands. One study found that 70% to 90% of all B2B buyers purchase from a brand they already knew at the beginning of the buying process. So B2B sellers need to be there before they’re ready to buy. 

And you can reach them when they might not expect it. Instead of only trying to contact targets during the workday—when your competition is trying to reach them, too—try connecting with them after hours. You might not call a sales prospect at 8 p.m. (…right?), but you can catch them while they’re watching TV and winding down for the evening. Now, you’re not trying to carve time out on their busy calendar; you’re making the case for your brand alongside the consumer ads they already expect, right there in their living room. 

With the right tools, including CTV’s precision audience targeting and attribution, you can place fully measurable ads in front of the right buyers well before they’re ready to make a decision. 

Boldly Rethink Your B2B Creative 

While getting ahead on new platforms is essential, you can also stand out with bold B2B creative across channels. The right video content can help you connect with your audience, from social to CTV—yes, even for B2B brands. Remember, business decision-makers are regular people, just like you! So don’t be afraid to get creative with your video assets. 

In today’s world, it’s vital for your creative to feature three elements: creativity, authenticity, and storytelling. There are many types of video production that can elevate your business, so be sure to check out your options and find what works best for your brand. 

And if you’re worried about crafting TV-ready assets, you’re probably more prepared than you think. With post-production, you can utilize your most popular existing creative assets and repurpose them for the biggest screen in the house. 

With CTV, Demand Gen Can Live Long—and Prosper

Connected TV is a valuable but underutilized tool for B2B advertisers to stand out and generate leads. By including it in your approach, you can diversify your marketing strategy and reach more customers more effectively than ever before. 

Watch the full webinar here if you’re ready to—yep, you guessed it—live long and prosper with CTV demand generation.