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Hot Off the Press

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We’ve finally made it to the end of the year, and hope that everyone has a chance to enjoy the holidays. In the meantime, our latest content picks will start you off on the right foot in the new year. First up, we are very excited to announce the launch of our new offering: Creative as a Subscription™, or CaaS. We know that the process of producing and distributing TV ads can be frustrating, which is why we created CaaS to bundle creative and media together into an easy, affordable, and effective way to advertise on television. We also have a new case study of a test between an ad with our Chief Creative Officer Ryan’s Reynolds’ face, vs. one that was Ryan-less (and the results might surprise you).

In other news, learn how Connected TV helps elevate your loyalty outreach by delivering custom messaging, along with generating revenue and strengthens the bond with your most loyal customers. And, with the news that CTV advertising will be Drizly’s single biggest digital channel, we explored why brands have been taking away budgets from social media to fuel their CTV campaign efforts in our latest edition of “From the MNTN Slack.” Lastly, with a looming supply chain crisis and a holiday season that’s projected to break records, you might be understandably worried about your campaigns. Luckily, there are golden opportunities out there for clever advertisers who play their cards right.

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Supply Chain Issues This Holiday

Advertisers are understandably worried about the recent supply chain issues, but there are some golden opportunities if you play your cards right.

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How Connected TV Enhances Loyalty Outreach

CTV’s direct connection with loyalty program members can open new personalization and performance opportunities.

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Creative-as-a-Subscription: Ads Should Be Fun

Making a TV ad used to be expensive, time consuming, and daunting – until now. Introducing CaaS, our new creative and media offering set to revolutionize the digital advertising industry.

How a Performance TV B2B Campaign Shattered Ryan Reynolds’ Confidence While Driving Over 23% of Total Site Traffic

More leads, more demand gen, less effort—what’s not to like?

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From the MNTN Slack – Why Are Brands Boycotting Social Media?

We’ve noticed a trend of brands taking away budget from social to fuel their CTV campaign efforts – but what’s causing this transition?

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