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Level Up Your 2024 B2B Marketing Strategy

Level Up Your 2024 B2B Marketing Strategy

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The Connected TV (CTV) industry already offers B2B marketers a ton of incredible opportunities that linear TV never could. And as we look ahead into 2024, there’s even more on the horizon. From overarching tech advancements to new features, this already-powerful ad channel will continue evolving into a marketing game-changer for B2B brands. 

Chase Patton, Customer Success Manager at MNTN, recently joined MarTech to discuss how CTV’s upcoming advancements will make it even better for B2B marketers. Let’s revisit some of their conversation: 

Why CTV Is A Great B2B Marketing Play 

Let’s be honest — linear TV’s performance features are nonexistent limited. Since B2B advertisers need targeting, measurement, and other digital elements, linear television was only available to reach brand awareness goals. 

Now, CTV has made the biggest screen in the house accessible to B2B advertisers with performance goals, too. With their digital roots, leading platforms can give teams the data they need to reach their audience and make informed marketing decisions. 

And CTV has been on B2B marketers’ minds for a while. Back in February 2022, MNTN Research found that 90% of respondents were highly or somewhat likely to implement or test CTV ads in the coming years. 

What was holding them back? There were several elements to consider, especially for teams that were facing the challenge of launching their first television advertising campaign. But you can rest assured, CTV is an accessible platform for B2B marketers — and we’re familiar with the process. In fact, 62% of our advertisers are first-time TV advertisers. (In other words: we’ve got you.)

The Performance Features You Need 

When it comes to CTV platforms, you’ll need to work with a performance- and growth-focused partner. One way to think about this is to take a look at how they improve over time. Recently, we unveiled MNTN Next Gen TV, which helps advertisers on the platform achieve a better ROI, reach more customers, and access unrivaled pricing (just to name a few benefits). 

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for some specific features on the platform, including: 

Audience Targeting 

Obviously, brands want to reach potential customers. (Without them, the whole thing falls apart.) But with a solution like Performance TV, your brand can take it a step further and reach the right customers. With audience targeting, brands can reach first and third party audiences — including high-intent customers who are more likely to make a purchase. 

Measurement and Reporting 

Digital channels have the potential to provide in-depth data into campaigns. And when it comes to CTV, we believe transparency in reporting is essential. That’s why MNTN created Verified Visits™, a precise Performance TV attribution model that prioritizes intuitiveness and accountability.

Automated Optimization

Like we mentioned earlier, you’ll want to work with a partner that’s always focused on improving the CTV experience. Specifically, you’ll want to explore their automated optimization capabilities

At MNTN, our performance-driven automated optimization analyzes campaign performance in real time. To help make the most of your marketing budget, it considers campaign KPIs and makes adjustments accordingly to help you reach your performance goals. 

Leveling Up in 2024 and Beyond

Connected TV has transformed the TV screen into a viable and valuable performance channel for B2B advertisers. And as advertisers are looking at 2024 and beyond, they’re learning this platform can help them get a jump start on the year — and stay ahead of the competition. 

Ready to learn more about leveling up your B2B marketing? Watch the full webinar here.