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The Great Debate: Performance TV Retargeting Versus Display-Only Retargeting

The battle of the ad channels, but which one will stand to conquer?

The Great Debate: Performance TV Retargeting Versus Display-Only Retargeting

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The modern marketer has an unlimited number of options at their fingertips, where advertising is concerned – it comes down to a Goldilocks approach of cherry picking the right combination of channels to maximize returns and make those dollars stretch further. Display retargeting, once a game changer, is now commonplace – any performance marketer with an eye on conversions is running a display retargeting campaign. If you’re looking for a way to set your brand apart beyond standard display retargeting, and drive better performance in the process, you’re in luck.

Performance TV Retargeting KO’s display-only retargeting in the KPIs and metrics that matter most:

First Things First: How Does it Work?

We’ve taken advertising to new dimensions – both literally and figuratively – with MNTN Performance TV Retargeting. We’ve brought retargeting to Connected TV – think of it like retargeting but with HD video assets, where your brand gets the limelight of a superior ad experience without sacrificing performance. Our technology applies the same principles and functionality as display retargeting, with similar targeting options designed to drive conversions, so you don’t need to waste any additional time to learn it from scratch.

What’s more, Performance TV Retargeting also serves related ads across web and mobile to your site visitors, so you’re not only reaching viewers on Connected TV, but you’re also keeping them engaged across all their digital devices – resulting in strong conversion performance.

Performance TV Retargeting Outperforms Display-Only Retargeting Across Key Metrics

Traditional display retargeting misses one piece of the puzzle, as you are only reaching your audience on desktop and mobile. There is one big caveat to advertising in this way – it puts the power in the hands of your audience, since they can pause or stop an ad being delivered or close a browser window altogether; which interrupts the ad experience. Performance TV on the other hand, enables high-definition, living room quality ad assets to be delivered straight to viewers’ televisions which cannot be skipped or paused. That means the ad’s message is being delivered in its entirety, giving it a better chance at driving user action.

Why Should You Add Performance TV to Your Retargeting Strategy?

The reach potential on Connected TV is huge, with an estimated 195 million users in the United States, based on eMarketer data. Market penetration is forecasted to rise as high as 73.5% by 2023, according to Statista. Streaming will only become more commonplace, which is why you need to have an active Connected TV ad strategy in place.

From a storytelling perspective, the opportunities on television surpass those of digital channels – a compelling 15 to 30 second advertising spot can arrest a captive audience who are in front of their screens instead of having to do the hard work of reaching them amongst the clutter on digital channels. Contrary to belief, there is also considerably less noise when advertising on TV, especially streaming TV, with an average of one to three other ads running within a commercial break.

I’m Missing Something Here…How is Ad Performance Measured on TV?

Ah, the age old question. Traditional linear television has proved difficult to measure visits to your website, let alone conversions. Thankfully Connected TV doesn’t have that problem, and through Performance TV, measuring performance has never been easier – we provide customizable metrics within our user interface, which is fully integrated with Google Analytics. That means you can track your campaign performance right alongside your search and email performance, giving you a quick snapshot of your overall marketing performance – including Performance TV Retargeting.

An Immersive Ad Experience

With Performance TV Retargeting, you can reach your audience with high-quality advertising assets when they stream Connected TV – we’re talking major channels like CNN, CNBC and ESPN, to name a few.

If you’re still not convinced and are looking for more reasons to add Performance TV to your marketing mix, then look no further: we’ve also compiled a case study to share with you, from our customers seeing ongoing success through this form of retargeting.

Want to add Performance TV to your retargeting strategy? Let’s talk.