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How Connected TV Retargeting is Transforming TV Advertising

Connected TV is transforming televisions into performance machines, giving marketers a new highly effective channel

How Connected TV Retargeting is Transforming TV Advertising

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Imagine a world where you could not only retarget your site visitors across the web, but on television too. When your audience settles in for a relaxing evening of watching TV — there’s your ad waiting for them. That would really complete the promise of cross-channel advertising, placing your ads on every device your audience is spending time on… but it’s just a dream, right? Wrong! It’s totally real, and MNTN is offering streaming TV retargeting with Connected TV (CTV).

Retarget Site Visitors on Connected TV

Traditionally speaking, TV has been a branding play because precise targeting and measuring ad performance just weren’t there with linear television to truly act as a performance channel. But that’s all changed with CTV. Instead, you get digital precision and analytics combined with a television experience. That means your audience is seeing your CTV ads (sometimes called OTT ads) right alongside premium network content, while your CTV campaigns are leveraging all the targeting capabilities your digital campaigns have used for years. And that includes retargeting users who have visited your site, allowing you to keep them engaged with your brand. Let’s examine how CTV’s advantages have transformed television into an affordable, efficient performance channel — one that advertisers won’t want to miss out on.

TV Has Traditionally Been an Expensive, Branded Play

There’s no better way to get your brand noticed than running an ad on TV. It’s a major reason why TV advertising is seen as the pinnacle of the ad industry — and why it carries a hefty price tag. Running a single ad during Sunday Night Football on NBC can run advertisers as much as $665,677 for a single 30-second spot. And let’s not even get into how much a Super Bowl ad costs. Even with all the benefits TV advertising brings, with costs like that, many advertisers are simply priced out of television.

Even if the price is no object, traditional TV advertising doesn’t check all the boxes for many advertisers’ needs. Many brands need to drive ROI when it comes to their advertising dollars. While brand marketing is crucial — you need to get your name out there, after all — being able to attribute dollars to your ad efforts is huge for any business. Traditional TV advertising, despite its potential brand impact, leaves a lot to be desired for performance marketers.

Connected TV Retargeting Makes Television Affordable and Effective

That all said, television is a powerful medium. Those ads are pricey for a reason. With Connected TV, efficiency is brought into the equation, which means it’s far more cost-effective. Traditional TV ads are served to a TON of people who couldn’t care less about what’s being advertised, and that’s because there’s no real way of targeting audiences outside of advertising on certain shows and programming. Not so with CTV.

Connected TV doesn’t have to rely on that less-than-perfect method, which means your ads are being served to viewers you know are part of your target audience. By utilizing CTV retargeting, you’re only serving ads to those who have visited your site and shown interest in your brand. You’re not paying for viewers who couldn’t care less about your advertisement, and instead spending on those who have a good chance of converting. And if you’re worried about missing out on premium content like major sporting events — don’t be. CTV ads are served to users streaming those events, just like they would be broadcast during the game on network TV.

Whether you’re retargeting site visitors on Connected TV, or leveraging audience segments through MNTN Matched for CTV prospecting campaigns, CTV advertising cuts down on wasteful budget spending by only getting your ads in front of people who care.

CTV Retargeting Is a True Cross-Device Experience

Cross-device is an immensely popular concept in digital advertising because it gets ads in front of users on whichever device they’re spending time with. As it turns out, people spend a lot of time streaming television — nearly 8 billion hours of content per month. The days of cross-device encompassing just mobile, desktop, and tablets are gone. If you want true cross-device coverage, you need to be advertising on Connected TV.

We know it’s important to reach your target audience wherever they are, which is why MNTN Connected TV advertising serves exclusively in-app on premium streaming networks across connected devices.

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Connected TV Has Transformed Television Advertising

Television used to be the playground of big brands with major budgets, who could afford to throw large budgets at brand marketing. With Connected TV retargeting, those days are gone. Advertisers can now reach their targeted audience affordably and efficiently and drive them back to their site to convert. That’s a big deal, and this is just the beginning of a new chapter in TV advertising.

Advertisers now have the power to turn every device used in the buyer’s journey, from mobile to tablets, desktop to television, into a performance machine. Television has gone from a branded, expensive advertising channel to one that can drive performance and show measurable return on ad spend. That’s why we believe Connected TV will one day be the biggest advertising channel in the world — and why it’s an opportunity no advertiser should miss.