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Who’s Your Audience? On the Go Edition

We share some of the weird, wonderful and unexpected audience segments to tap into for your future campaigns.

Who’s Your Audience? On the Go Edition

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You’re probably wondering what this rather nebulous audience segment could possibly mean. Could it be travel? Or a busy commuter? Or how brands can reach viewers in this (not-so) new normal? Why not all three? We covered this (well, one part) recently with a blog post that shares seven audience segments that travel brands should be targeting. However, as we all know, travel is back with a vengeance and as consumers’ lives get busier (like having to return to the office), it’s getting that much harder to catch consumers at the right place and time. Luckily, Connected TV advertising platforms like MNTN do all of the hard work by automating what would be a rather tedious and manual process, and finding your audiences where they are based on the content they like to consume. Audience segments on MNTN Performance TV are full of hidden gems, if you know where to look (and you know, hack the keyword searches).

Audience Name: Work From Home/Telecommuters

Audience Provider: Adstra

Why they’re valuable: Fifty-eight percent of Americans work from home at least one day a week, while 35% work from home five days a week. You know what that means—a bigger opportunity to reach viewers on Connected TV throughout the day.

Audience Name: Digital Nomad

Audience Provider: PlaceIQ

Why they’re valuable: The pandemic accelerated digital transformation by years—which means 2020 became the new 2025. We’ve taken  ‘on the go’ to a whole new meaning, thanks to remote work—meaning workers (and consumers) have the flexibility to do their best work from wherever they like.

Audience Name: Living the New Normal

Audience Provider: Infogroup

Why they’ve valuable: Yep, this is an actual audience segment—and it’s packed full of sub-segments like subscription buyers, fitness fans and even dog rescuers!  So, no matter how your consumer is living their (new and best) life, you’ll be sure to reach them on CTV.

Audience Name: Eco-Sustainable Travel

Audience Provider: Experian

Why they’re valuable: Not only are consumers traveling more, paying attention to brands that value sustainability is more of a priority than ever—research  studies revealed  that 82% of travelers want to travel more responsibly post-pandemic.

Audience Name: PreCovid Pandemic Holiday Shoppers

Audience Provider: PlaceIQ

Why they’re valuable: Way to hit a double whammy with this audience segment, especially with the biggest sales of the year coming up this and next week. This segment captures users who were shopping during the holidays and special events pre-COVID.

Audience Name: Total Activity During COVID

Audience Provider: Gravy Analytics

Why they’re valuable: Want the ultimate catch all audience, then add this one to your cart. This segment captures users who have participated in all kinds of activities (we’re talking restaurants, outdoors, entertainment and services) through the pandemic—behavior that’s likely to continue until now.