Dial Down the (Digital) Noise With CTV’s Latest Innovations

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What This Session Is About

Ready for a “no duh” statement? Today’s world is pretty noisy. The average consumer has more entertainment options, more distractions, and yes, even more ads, competing for their attention every second of the day. And unless you have a bottomless budget, even the most compelling ad can still get lost in the shuffle. Thankfully, recent CTV innovations — including a few you may have missed — are changing everything.

Join MNTN as they reveal how these new CTV capabilities make it easier for brands of all budgets and sizes to stand out in a crowd. From granular targeting tactics that only show you to the people who matter most, to AI and machine learning tech designed to automatically optimize ads for peak performance, you’ll walk away with everything you need to stand up, stand out, and deliver. 

Dial Down the (Digital) Noise With CTV’s Latest Innovations

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