Do Cross the Screens: Why Digital Marketing Channels Work Better Together

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To a marketer with a performance budget, every channel looks like a target. And why shouldn’t it? Like the specters that sweep through New York City at the end of Ghostbusters, nowadays, audiences are scattered across so many different pockets of the web, you kinda need to be everywhere all at once, just to rise above the noise. But you don’t need to silo your strategies in their own ghost containment units (uhh, we mean ad channels)–in fact, that might not be doing you any favors. That’s because Connected TV, social, and search perform much better with a little teamwork. So, who you gonna call?

Us, we hope. Join Madeline Curto, MNTN’s Director, Agency Channel Sales, Taylor Neuffer, Chamber Media’s VP of Growth, and Craig Riding, Chamber Media’s Director of Paid Media, for an AdExchanger webinar to discuss how an omnichannel approach to digital marketing can drive (and enhance) performance across every screen your audience is glued to. We’ll also explore why CTV is the perfect anchor point for establishing a cohesive marketing strategy that can extend messaging from one channel to the next (and back again). It’s 2023—you ain’t afraid of no omnichannel marketing strategy.

Do Cross the Screens: Why Digital Marketing Channels Work Better Together

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