Don’t Fall Behind This Upfronts Season

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What This Session Is About

It’s that time again: upfronts season is here. But this year feels a little different. Thanks to economic anxiety, brands are increasingly coming to the upfronts table with a performance plan that’s every bit as important as locking in favorable economics with bundled media. More than ever, it’s crucial to come to upfronts with a performance marketing and measurement lens—but what does that even look like? And how can you match the strategies of your peers and competitors?

Join Ali Haeri, Senior Vice President of Marketing at MNTN, as he unveils the strategies you need to incorporate a performance marketing strategy into your upfront approach. From the importance of creative variation that delivers on both branding and performance objectives, to the tools you need to bring it to life, Ali will help you optimize your ad buys to ensure your spend delivers on this year’s opportunities.

Don’t Fall Behind This Upfronts Season

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