More, The Merrier: Put CTV at the Center of Your Multichannel Mix

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What This Session Is About

The average consumer has access to eleven connected household devices. That’s eleven screens, all offering captivating content—and rivaling for attention. Alarmed? Don’t be. Instead of thinking of these as separate devices, savvy advertisers are connecting them together to tell a captivating multichannel story—and putting CTV at the center of it all.

Join Richard Girges, VP of Engineering at MNTN as he breaks down key strategies you can use to enhance your CTV campaigns for a multi-device world. From how to extend your messaging beyond the TV screen, to how cross-device attribution can track conversions on any device, Richard will show how you can upgrade your CTV strategies and make your campaign the heart of a multi-device performance marketing matrix. 

More, The Merrier: Put CTV at the Center of Your Multichannel Mix

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