MNTN CEO Mark Douglas Awarded Tech Innovator of the Year by Adweek

MNTN CEO Mark Douglas Awarded Tech Innovator of the Year by Adweek

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FROM ADWEEK: Underlying the recent success of tech darling MNTN and its chief visionary, president and CEO Mark Douglas, is a basic idea: The more efficiently marketers can create and launch TV advertising, the more effective the results and the better off the market will be for it. Well, they did, and it is. With its self-service platform, MNTN was the first to bring performance and direct-response advertising to streaming TV. The company also employs an innovative creative-as-a-subscription model (CaaS), which–with the aid of Maximum Effort (the creative marketing agency co-founded by Ryan Reynolds and acquired by MNTN in 2021) and QuickFrame (the original video production platform acquired by MNTN in 2022)-has resulted in such ads as the Christopher Meloni Peloton spot, Steve-O’s Hot Pepper Demo and the Walking Deadvertising stunt. In a recent analysis, clients on the MNTN platform who invested in CaaS deployed an average 3.23 times more ad creative variations, resulting in significantly higher conversion rates on CTV campaigns compared with the same time period pre-CaaS. With three or more variations, those MNTN advertisers saw 63% higher return on ad spend and 31% lower cost per visit.

In 2022, MNTN raised $119 million in Series D financing, and it was voted “Best in Addressable TV Solutions” in the Adweek Readers’ Choice: Best of Tech Partner Awards for the second year in a row. In 2023, MNTN was featured as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies. To keep pushing the envelope, MNTN plans to introduce its new generative Al video editor, MNTN VIVA, in 2024.

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