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Americans Ages 15-55 Prefer Streaming Over Linear TV

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Americans Ages 15-55 Prefer Streaming Over Linear TV

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More and more Americans have been turning to streaming to watch TV content. And according to new insights from AudienceProject, that has led to a decrease in use of traditional linear channels. In fact, 20% of Americans watch less linear TV and stream more TV series or movies as compared to last year. And 30% don’t watch any linear at all, only consuming content through streaming (as compared to the 20% of respondents who say they only watch linear).

The report, Linear TV and Streaming Insights 2022, found that one age range in particular is driving this change. TV watchers ages 15-55 indicated that they prefer streaming over linear TV, and 84% of this group say they stream content on a weekly basis. And considering only 44% of TV viewers see themselves watching linear TV in the next 5 years, it is clear that this transition can only be expected to continue into the future.

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