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Rewrite the Rules of Account-Based Marketing with Connected TV

Rewrite the Rules of Account-Based Marketing with Connected TV

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Marketers looooove their acronyms (CRM, SEO, ROAS, KPI, CPV, LOL… okay, not that one). But account-based marketing (ABM) is more than “just another” marketing acronym. It’s a vital strategy for B2B marketers. Especially for those looking to increase their return on investment while getting their sales and marketing teams to work together. 

But many ABM campaigns aren’t working out quite how marketers would like them to. That’s why we’re rewriting the playbook. With new strategies, tools, and platforms, we can breathe new life into marketing strategies for B2B brands of all sizes. 

Jon Zucker, Senior Product Marketing Manager at MNTN, recently joined B2B Marketing Exchange’s Next-Level ABM event to share how brands can elevate their strategies with Connected TV. Here are some highlights from his talk.

Getting To Know the Modern ABM Playbook

Email marketing, LinkedIn ads, retargeting, custom landing pages — does all this sound familiar? These are all elements of the traditional ABM playbook and don’t get us wrong, they each have a place within a strategy to help brands reach their customers. 

But the truth is, it’s the same playbook your competitors are using, too. And we’re guessing you’d like to crush your competition make sure the upcoming holiday season is more fruitful for your brand. 

How do you make that happen? You’ve got to establish a presence across ad channels to make the most of your video creative. One of the most effective ways to elevate your ABM campaign is to reach your target audience through CTV ads. 

What Makes CTV an Effective ABM Channel? 

Even if you’re familiar with CTV — or, as we call it, Performance TV —  you may not know how sophisticated the space has become lately — or how those advancements can benefit your ABM strategies. 

One of the most essential elements of CTV for marketing teams is precision audience targeting. Whether you want to engage a new audience or follow up with an existing one, Performance TV helps you connect with them more effectively. 

The right platform will give you access to third-party audiences, which can help improve site traffic and create a powerful retargeting pool. At MNTN, we have over 85,000 third party audiences to access, which gives your brand the opportunity to connect with a massive amount of potential customers. Plus, you can upload your own CRM data to target prospects and customers you already have a relationship with. 

With MNTN, you can retarget users based on specific parameters, including their browsing habits, shopping activity, and location. Each of your audience segments can view relevant content, keeping your existing customers invested in your brand, and your prospects engaged until they’re ready to convert. 

And when you’re ready to check out the numbers, quality reporting will give you performance data related to each segment. With effective audience data and measurement capabilities, you can ensure you’re reaching the right audiences — and that they’re responding well to your video creative

Overall, CTV is an incredible demand-generation tool for B2B marketers. With Performance TV in particular, you’re serving a targeted audience with a high-quality, unskippable ad. So not only are they receiving your message in full, but they’re watching it alongside their favorite content across top-tier streaming providers. B2B marketers can adopt TV as a differentiating, effective tool in their strategy while creating data that their teams can apply to other marketing channels. 

Elevate Your ABM Strategy with CTV 

CTV is rewriting the rules of effective ABM strategies — and streamlining the ways B2B brands reach their customers. With a modern playbook, effective digital strategies, and video marketing, your brand can stand out from the crowd. 

Ready to learn more about implementing CTV in your ABM strategy? Watch the full webinar here.