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CTV Ad Video Completion Rates Are Higher Than Any Other Device Format

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CTV Ad Video Completion Rates Are Higher Than Any Other Device Format

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CTV boasts the highest share of ad views for premium video across devices, according to FreeWheel, and as more streaming ad inventory opens up, CTV’s share of ad views is expected to increase further. A study from Extreme Reach found that CTV has significantly higher video completion rates compared to mobile and desktop environments. This is in part due to TV’s passive, “lean back” viewing behavior, which leads to better completion rates compared to the active scrolling inherent in the use of mobile devices. Not to mention CTV’s advantage of an environment with professionally produced, high-quality video.

Mobile does still have a lead when it comes to overall reach, but CTV is quickly catching up. While mobile web and mobile app traffic combined still give mobile campaigns consistently high levels of impressions, those impressions can come with a less brand-safe environment and lower engagement. Ultimately, brands should seek to balance reach with engagement and brand safety when selecting the best platform to advertise on. And with CTV’s high-quality video and increasing share of ad views, it presents an attractive platform for brands looking to deliver their messages to a targeted audience.

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