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CTV Households Will More Than Double Linear Households by 2024

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CTV Households Will More Than Double Linear Households by 2024

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Connected TV currently has a greater share of households than linear did at its peak, according to a new report from eMarketer. And next year, the number of households with CTV will reach 115.1 million—bringing CTV households to more than double the number of traditional pay TV households. This shift is no doubt thanks to the subscription streaming service boom, which has brought more shows, movies, and even live sports than ever to CTV platforms. Ultimately, the research suggests that, for many consumers looking to watch TV content, linear is no longer a viable option.

The report also found that the devices viewers use to watch streaming content have changed over the years. 64% of broadband households now have a smart TV in their living room, and adult SVOD viewers spend half of their streaming TV time watching apps on smart TVs (an increase from 31% in 2015). Age also plays a role in how SVOD users partition their TV streaming, with only 39% of viewers aged 18-24 using smart TVs, compared to 53% of people aged 45 and above.

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