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Let's talk Connected TV - Here's our latest MNTN content snapshot.

Hot Off the Press

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We’re already almost halfway through July and you may be thinking, “Wait! Where did Q2 come from?” Summer is in full swing, and the MNTN content team has been working hard to cover everything from seasonal strategies to the (literal) rise of Connected TV to new heights as new deals emerge between media brands and airlines. Next up, with a recession seemingly on the horizon, consumers and advertisers alike are turning to ad-supported streaming to save on costs and capitalize on high-quality inventory, respectively. Also, check out our recent case study for Princess Polly to learn how MNTN Performance TV helped them maximize their ad spend during the 2021 holiday season.

When it comes to webinars, check out Mike Scalise, Customer Success Director at MNTN, in conversation with Adweek as he outlines how to stay competitive in this new season of summer marketing. You’ll learn everything from why tourism, experiential and events brands are about to have their biggest season in years, to why savvy marketers are placing CTV at the center of their summer campaigns.

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Don’t Sweat It: Beat the Heat With These Summer Strategies

Summer’s officially here, but we don’t see any ‘slowdown’ on the revenue front anytime soon. Here’s what to look out for this season.

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Want to Recession-Proof Your Marketing? Ad-Supported Streaming Could Be the Answer.

How economic uncertainty could be fueling the move to ad-supported for both users and marketers alike.

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Get Your CTV Campaigns in Shape for Summer: Time to Rethink Your Strategies

With temperatures rising and travel plans being made, summer-friendly brands in the tourism, experiential and events verticals are about to have their biggest season ever.

Watch the webinar here.

Jet-Streaming: Airlines Offer CTV At 40,000 Feet

During the pandemic, Connected TV rose to new heights, and now people are finding new ways to bring their favorite content with them.

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Performance TV Gives Princess Polly the Royal Treatment by Exceeding Their ROAS Goal Across the Full Funnel

MNTN offered the apparel brand an opportunity to accurately reach their various targets across the sales funnel and align with their holiday goals.

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