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How Retail Brands Can Press Play on Connected TV Advertising

How Retail Brands Can Press Play on Connected TV Advertising

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Sometimes, advertisers might feel like they’re screaming into the void (buy my things!) when it comes to traditional television advertising. Sure, they know they created the ad, bought a spot, and did all the hard work. But it’s incredibly difficult to ensure people—let alone the right people—saw the ad. It leaves too many advertisers wondering: did anyone even see that? 

Now, you can leave those concerns behind. With Connected TV (and the right partner), retail and ecommerce brands have an incredible opportunity to reach all of their target audiences through digital advertising on the biggest screen in the house. 

Similar to other digital marketing channels, like paid search and social media, retail and ecommerce brands can drive performance on CTV with key features like precision targeting, effective measurement, and accurate, reliable attribution

Lauren Benedict recently joined Reuters to discuss how retail and ecommerce brands can successfully strategize, launch, and optimize CTV campaigns. Let’s take a look at some of the conversation. 

No Doubt About Measurement 

As Benedict mentioned in the webinar, CTV creates effective targeting and measurement capabilities for advertisers—which is exactly where linear TV likely left you wanting more. Now, the right solution can provide you with options for effective targeting and measurement. 

At MNTN, you can target different audiences in different ways. For example, if you’re looking to build out your audience and target with third-party data, you can tap into third party data to target specific audience segments. Or, if you’re looking for a retargeting solution, you can target your loyal customers — but this time, in their living rooms.

When one of MNTN’s top advertisers tested out targeting a new audience segment, they saw 35% stronger conversion rates when compared to their core audience. This test also created a halo effect (we’ll talk more about this later) of positive performance for their paid search campaigns. 

The Performance Power of CTV 

Like we’ve mentioned above, linear television advertising is challenging for several reasons. With a lack of performance capabilities, it’s more difficult for advertisers to measure the true impact of their ads. Plus, there was an inability to target specific audiences, which meant marketing teams just had to cross their fingers and hope they were reaching relevant audiences. 

But let’s get real—it’s 2023, and hoping just isn’t enough anymore. With more content than ever, advertisers need to focus on performance to meet KPIs and improve business outcomes. 

In many ways, CTV has filled the capability gaps in traditional linear TV advertising. As Benedict discussed in the webinar, at MNTN, we provide brands with precision targeting, reliable attribution, accurate measurement, the ability to optimize your campaigns, and more—things that are essentially impossible in a linear TV setting. 

And focusing on CTV and its performance capabilities can lead to ongoing growth for marketers. According to a report from MNTN Research that analyzed Q4 data between 2021 and 2022, advertisers with an always-on Performance TV strategy saw year-over-year impressions increase by 69%. Plus, average conversion rates increased by 21% YoY. (Pro tip: we recommend running retargeting and prospecting campaigns at the same time.) 

Power Beyond the Living Room 

Maybe the best news about CTV is that it doesn’t just stay in the living room. Don’t worry, it’s not going to get up and walk around (unless it does, and then that’s my bad.) To clarify, the results of CTV move beyond the living room. 

When optimized for performance, CTV drives a halo effect around your other digital marketing channels. This means that CTV can positively impact the performance of your, for example, paid search and social media ads. 

Recently, we wanted to find out just how powerful the halo effect is for MNTN advertisers. For one client in particular, our research found it produced 9% stronger conversion rates for paid social and 22% stronger conversion rates for paid search after 90 days. 

The Digital Transformation Continues 

Whether you’re looking for new customers or want to retarget loyal ones, you can take all of your favorite digital marketing tactics and bring them to life through a CTV strategy. For retail and ecommerce brands, marketing teams can effectively target and connect with engaged audiences who are ready to make a new purchase. 

Watch the full webinar here to learn more about launching your successful CTV campaign.