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Like the Dean’s List, But Better: MNTN Product Innovation in 2022

As we wrap up the year, let’s take a look back at some of our product launches designed to drive performance.

Like the Dean’s List, But Better: MNTN Product Innovation in 2022

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This year was perhaps Connected TV’s (CTV’s) biggest year yet. Here are some of the major headlines making it in the advertising industry:

  • CTV viewership surpassed cable for the first time in 2022
  • Total CTV advertising spend in Q3 2022 was almost 40% higher than the same period in 2021
  • Almost 90% of U.S. TV households now own at least one Connected TV
  • 73% of these viewers prefer to watch free ad-supported content versus paying for ad-free CTV content.

Connected TV’s rapid rise demands new capabilities and features to drive performance. We’re proud to have introduced some major product innovations that enable MNTN users to reach and convert this growing audience and drive performance and ROI:

  • Creative-as-a-Subscription™: Combine media and creative together, at no additional cost,  to create an easy, affordable, and effective way to advertise on television. CaaS throws out old creative dynamics, giving you easy access to produce great TV creative without investing in anything but your media goals.

    In this way, you get access to the assets you need to reduce the risk of ad fatigue and effectively use Performance TV to achieve your goals.
  • Incrementality Measurement: See the true impact of CTV versus the results you would have produced anyway—with no additional costs or upfront planning required.

    It works by enabling marketers to confidently evaluate their campaign’s results alongside the results earned by a dynamic control group of similar audiences who have not seen your ad.

    By offering this comparative data, MNTN’s Incrementality Reporting helps you make more informed decisions and maximize the value of your MNTN campaigns.
  • Audience Segment Reporting: View performance data tied to each of your audience’s individual interests, behaviors, intents, and nuanced attributes—informing more effective ways to test, learn, and optimize Performance TV campaigns. 

    Audience Segment Reporting unlocks more granular insights than what’s available on paid social and can be used to inform your cross-channel targeting strategies.
  • Adobe Analytics Integration: Launch CTV campaigns focused on reaching your target audience and driving performance, then measure success alongside all of your marketing channels in Adobe Analytics. This provides a holistic view of campaign performance to guide optimization for your overall cross-channel marketing strategy.
  • Improved Campaign Management: In the spirit of streamlining campaign management and creation, we introduced My TV Videos Library and Flighted Budgets. You can now store and manage your uploaded TV creative directly in the MNTN software. This includes a list or grid view where you can duplicate, delete, and preview your videos—making it easy to launch upcoming campaigns. And with Flighted Budgets, you gain total control to plan your daily, weekly, or monthly budgets as much as a year in advance of your campaign’s start—so that it’s paced evenly throughout your custom defined timeframe.

A big thank you to our Product and Engineering teams who have brought these product features to life, as well as to MNTN users, whose input has inspired us to innovate.

If you’re a current customer, we appreciate your support. Check out our Knowledge Base in-app for more information and resources, and reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have further questions.

If you’re not yet a MNTN customer and want to learn more about how these capabilities and more can help you grow your business, click here to request a demo.