Live Sports, Mobile Gaming, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Live Sports, Mobile Gaming, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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There has been plenty of marketing news to cover this week—here’s what’s been making headlines.  

In Connected TV news, Adweek reports that customers who cut the cord on their cable subscriptions due to the loss of live sports during the pandemic are unlikely to come back. In a new report from Roku, they found that the change in content lineups has rapidly accelerated the mass exodus from traditional television, with 30% of survey respondents citing the loss of live sports as their reason for cutting the cord. Of these responders, only 17% say they will consider re-subscribing to pay TV once sports return, while a little less than a third are considering streaming live sports instead. And with new streaming services from traditional TV titans like NBCUniversal making it easier than ever for TV watchers to get content through OTT channels, this trend is likely to continue. 

And in mobile marketing news, gaming on mobile devices has been growing in popularity in 2020. According to an article by eMarketer, US adults have increased their time gaming on mobile devices by 3 minutes on average so far, as compared to 2 minutes in 2019. This jump in time is only expected to grow as we continue through the rest of the year, and aligns with the increased time spent on mobile devices that eMarketer has tracked during the pandemic. Mobile video time has also increased, and is part of a larger trend of increased interest in digital video that many users are indicating. Marketers should look to trends like these when making decisions on where to allocate spend.

Here are the top marketing headlines that caught our attention this week. 


5 Ways a Digital Marketer Can Supercharge Your Online Outreach – In today’s world where people are glued to their devices for work and for play, the most important advertising delivery platforms are internet-connected devices.

Brand awareness: Importance of balancing sensitivity with digital marketing – Businesses across the globe are scrambling to manage the emerging crisis. The present scenario has shifted not only business trends but also consumer priorities and the entire marketing landscape. 

The Digital Marketing Assets in the Fashion Industry – In order to design and create effective content to serve the customer journey, digital marketing in the fashion industry can count on a series of assets.

eMarketer Podcast: How Political Advertisers Are Reaching Voters Through Digital Media – 2020 has shaped up to be an unusual presidential election year, to say the least. This podcast discusses how political advertisers are leaning on Connected TV ads, audience targeting, Facebook and more.


Live Sports Drought Pushes More TV Viewers to Cut the Cord – Here’s some bad news for traditional pay-TV companies already hamstrung by the pause on live sports programming and the drought of advertising dollars. Customers who cut the cord during the last several months say they are unlikely to come back.

Connected TV Advertising: Four Things We’ve Learned With Performance TV – We celebrated our ten year anniversary in ad tech this year, and three years in Connected TV. It’s been a whirlwind of a ride and prompted us to take a walk down memory lane and note down some of the key takeaways from our journey.

Hype or Just Normal: 5G Adoption and the Future of Connected TV and OTT – According to a global survey, 5G will start replacing the traditional broadcast distribution channels for TV content like DTT and satellite within 1 to 2 years. 

Why Connection Counts in OTT – In recent times we’ve seen a sudden and rapid growth of CTV and OTT which has been further accelerated by the increase in streaming subscriptions due to COVID-19.


Pandemic Adds Mobile Time to Video and Gaming – As Americans hunkered down under stay-at-home orders, they unsurprisingly consumed more mobile media. The added mobile time, however, wasn’t distributed equally.

Twitter Considering Subscriptions as Pandemic Revenue Falls – The social site’s user base is growing, but advertising sales took a severe hit during the pandemic.

Snap Saw Strong Revenue Growth, Fell Short on User Growth – For the second quarter of 2020, Snap reported better than expected revenue growth. But its user base did not reach previous company projections.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.