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Marketers Believe CTV Advertising is Just as Effective as Linear TV

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Marketers Believe CTV Advertising is Just as Effective as Linear TV

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With advertisers looking for alternatives to traditional upfronts and an uptick in interest for new ways to measure TV ad performance, it’s no wonder Connected TV is under a spotlight this year. This is in part due to the number of consumers that have been cutting the cord –– eMarketer found that there were fewer than 78 million U.S. households with a cable subscription at the start of 2021, while advertisers can reach 84 million users through Connected TV devices.

One of the most significant shifts is an increased confidence in the effectiveness of running campaigns through Connected TV. While some advertisers have been more slow to allocate their budgets towards reaching the growing audience available through streaming channels, the rest are well aware of the advantages. According to the report, 89% of marketers feel that CTV advertising is just as effective as, if not more effective than, linear TV. These marketers are also interested in Connected TV’s ability to build a brand –– 43% percent of those surveyed believe CTV is the top channel for brand storytelling in 2021. Ultimately, as advertisers continue to seek better ways of connecting with an increasingly digital-first consumer base, Connected TV is staying top-of-mind in the world of TV advertising innovation.

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