Mobile App Use In-Store, Digital Marketing Trends, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Mobile App Use In-Store, Digital Marketing Trends, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Looking to stay up to date on the news in the world of marketing? Well you’re in luck—we created this roundup of the top stories from this week so you can see it all in one place. 

In digital marketing news, it’s well known that this industry moves fast, and it can sometimes be hard to keep up with the ever changing trends and technology. But The Drum recently outlined some of the top trends in digital marketing for 2022 that will make it easier to adapt to consumer wants and needs. The first is personalization, which has been a buzzy topic for awhile. Personalized campaigns have higher rates of engagement and see more conversions, but to really take advantage of it brands have to make sure customers have opted in to data tracking so they know how their data is being used. The Drum also recommends taking advantage of visual content within your brand strategies. Visuals like images, gifs, videos, and more can help to solidify your brand identity in the eyes of consumers, for far longer than just the written word. And you can always turn blogs into video content and infographics to repackage pre-existing content in a new and interesting way. 

And in mobile marketing news, it looks like consumers have been increasingly using retailer’s apps while shopping in brick and mortar locations. According to MobileMarketing, a new study from app experience company AirShip found that around two out of three shoppers use retailer’s apps in store to combine physical and digital shopping experiences. There are a number of reasons for this behavior, including using loyalty cards or coupons, scanning QR codes or smart shelf tags, or comparing prices. And consumers across all age groups are blending their physical and digital shopping, though younger generations are more likely to open apps while in store. 

To see what else was making headlines this week, check out the list below. 


Your Brand’s Must-Haves for 2022: Action and Intent – A new year brings a new set of predictions as it relates to just about any topic, including the world of advertising. There is plenty to study on related global marketing trends, from meeting consumers in a cookieless world to AI customer service.  

Adopting a Search-First Mindset for Digital Marketing Success – With digital adoption already well-established worldwide (and continuing to grow at a rapid rate during the pandemic), many marketers have found themselves spending more than ever on paid digital marketing channels.  

Community-Led Growth Is the New Product-Led Growth Strategy – We’re seeing tried-and-true marketing strategies come full circle, with the strategy known as community-led growth as the hot “new thing.” Except a community-focused marketing approach is not new. 

Digital Marketing Trends in 2022: How to Tap into Them – Digital marketing is one of the world’s fastest-growing kinds of marketing. The Drum has outlined three trends in digital marketing that we will see more of in 2022 to help you stay with the times and adapt to consumers’ wants and needs.


Networks And Advertisers Are Looking To Replace Nielsen – With Nielsen under fire and the TV advertising upfronts only a few months away, several prominent content providers have announced partnerships with alternative audience measurement companies and partnering with ad agencies to evaluate the results.

Ad Tech Company MNTN Acquires QuickFrame – To bolster its efforts in the connected TV space, marketing platform MNTN is acquiring video creation platform QuickFrame. This is MNTN’s second acquisition in seven months, following the purchase of Ryan Reynolds’ creative advertising company, Maximum Effort. 

CTV Reaches Diverse Audiences: Fox’s Sheriff – The last few years of connected TV growth may have been marked by an explosion in subscription VOD consumption. But the rise of ad-supported streaming (AVOD) options also opens the door for consumers looking for lower-cost options.

What’s Shaking Up the World of TV for Media Buyers in 2022? – It’s no secret that how people consume video is changing rapidly, with a wealth of new content now being viewed through TV screens. This provides challenges and opportunities for agencies and clients alike.

Why We Can’t Approach CTV as Just Another Screen – Approaching CTV media buying in exactly the same way you would with digital formats such as display, could have some detrimental impact affecting access to premium video inventory.


6 Top App Trends to Watch Out For in 2022 – With technology constantly evolving, app development trends are always changing and surpassing limitations. The rise of VR and AR, cross-platform frameworks and low-code development make for a much quicker and more cost-effective process for app developers. 

Twitter Debuts Its Initial Birdseye Report – Twitter debuted its new Birdseye Report Wednesday, in which eight Twitter Official Partners each analyzed conversation on the social network related to a specific industry.

How Will Mobile Marketing Change After A Disruptive Year? – Shifting consumer trends and an industry-wide move towards contextual segmentation likely makes 2022 a defining year for mobile marketing’s evolution.  

Nearly Two-Thirds of Consumers Use Retailers’ Apps In-Store to Meld Digital and Physical Experiences – In a recent survey of more than 9,000 global consumers, the app experience company Airship found that nearly two-thirds of consumers use retailers’ apps in-store to meld physical and digital experiences.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.