Social Engagement, Clorox Strategy Shifts, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Social Engagement, Clorox Strategy Shifts, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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A lot has happened in digital marketing news, so we compiled a list of interesting headlines to make it easier for you to keep on top of the most important stories breaking this week.

Many brands are looking to shift their strategies to better suit the times. Clorox has decided to refresh their digital advertising strategy by increasing their budget by $50 million. This money will go to campaigns that educate consumers on how to best use their products in light of the pandemic. Marketers can look into following their lead, and should consider how their own strategies can be adjusted – or added to – in order to better fit the modern marketing landscape. 

And in social news, Sprout Social has released their Social Index Report, which indicates how marketers and consumers view social media engagement. This report reveals many impactful insights that every marketer on social channels should know. One of the most interesting notes was that the brands having the most success with followers who will likely convert are those who share relevant updates about their products and offerings. So while it might feel like you have to keep sharing the trendiest content, Sprout recommends that you leave memes to meme accounts and instead focus your social content on your own brand message. 

Here’s the rest of the headlines that caught our eye this week.


How to improve your digital marketing with competitor analysis – Analyzing your competitors’ digital marketing strategy can help you optimize your campaign and your upcoming ideas to improve both your short and long-term wins.

Shifting Home Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies During A Crisis – Here are several steps to take to adjust your marketing and communications to meet the needs of your prospective clients during this difficult time.

Recession Marketing 101: Fight For Your Market Share – The global economic shutdown has many people fearing a recession — here’s how marketers should handle it.

Clorox refreshes ad strategy with digital media shift, $50M budget increase – The company plans to invest heavily in advertising, with a significant portion of its advertising budget going to consumer education to help people use its products to keep themselves safe.

15 Effective Ways Marketers Can Connect with Generation Z – Today’s marketing has made digital sales and promotion a subdomain that is significant in its own right because of the use of technology by so many quarters of society. 


New Survey Looks at How Marketers and Consumers View Social Media Engagement – Sprout Social has this week released its latest Social Index report, which incorporates responses from marketers and consumers, in order to get a sense of how each group views social media engagement.

5 Crucial Social Listening Metrics & KPIs – Regardless of where in the world your company operates, speaking to the management in KPIs is the most sure-fire way to get your message across.

90% of people buy from brands they follow on social media, study says – Consumers who connect with brands on social media are loyal customers, with about nine out of 10 people saying they buy from companies they follow on social networks. 

Understanding Consumer Behavior Through Social Media – Coupling Sales data and shopping behavior with social data provides unique insights into consumer behavior that ultimately enable companies to better serve their customers.

Why User-Generated Content Should Be at the Heart of Marketers’ Post-COVID Playbooks – We’re on the cusp of a monumental change in the trajectory of consumer buying behavior, with the ways in which people interact with brands, and each other, shifting significantly.

Pinterest Adds 32 Million More Users in Q1, Now up to 367 Million MAU – Pinterest has repeatedly noted that it’s been seeing record high levels of usage amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, and now we have some extra perspective on what exactly that means.


How the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing brands to connect digitally – Retailers are quickly pivoting to emphasize mobile technology and virtual appointments to keep their businesses operational.

Pinterest tie-up enables Shopify merchants to turn their products into shoppable Pins – Pinterest has launched a partnership through a new app that gives Shopify’s merchants a quick way to upload catalogues to the platform and turn their products into shoppable Pins.

Mobile apps are a good antidote to pathos-riddled marketing – Amid a plethora of mawkish ads and emails, an effortlessly rewarding app experience is a much more soothing escape from the stresses of the Covid crisis. 

App push notifications hit highest open rate in 4 years, study says – App push notifications reached their highest average open rate in four years in March as consumers were more engaged with their mobile devices during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mobile Growth Association Embraces a Full Virtual Event Strategy for 2020 – With social distancing measures in place and no clear end in sight, Mobile Growth Association announced that it will move all physical events to virtual events.

Shopify unveils consumer shopping app as e-commerce booms under coronavirus – Shopify is launching an end-to-end mobile shopping app as e-commerce booms under the coronavirus pandemic.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.